"ScienceDocs has been

of tremendous assistance. 

Thanks for all the great

work on manuscripts of

our PhD students and

post-doctoral fellows!"


--Zuo-Feng Zhang MD PhD




"Dear Ann,


I am impressed with your

editing! Thank you very

much for editing it so

quickly and accurately.

I am looking forward to

sending you other



--Dr. Viviane Dietz





"That was some seriously

technical jargon. You guys

really performed outside

your specialty. Guess I

stumbled onto my new

translating company.’


-G. G. Force, CEO of BTC




"Thank you so much for your

rapid editing. It is excellent

as always...I am very satisfied."


--Dr. Ko Hirano



"I want to thank you and your staff

for all the time and attention you

have given to this project.  It's my

first time presenting outside of the

US and I wanted to be sure I was

able to provide supplemental

information to my collegues

in their native languages."  


--Dr. C. Randel




"Nowhere else have I

seen the kind of talent

you guys have all in one

place. You’re giving

a valuable service to

the scientific community!"


--Wei Cao MD PhD




"Your team is a SAS

powerhouse. I’m

impressed that you’ve

integrated some real talent

in a seamless mesh of

consulting and stats—

nice rates, too. "


--Carlos Navarro, MPH