Whether you are a student in need of thesis/dissertation assistance, or an experienced researcher who has a complex study with thousands of variables and observations, the Biostatisticians of ScienceDocs are experts in statistical programming and have truly seen it all. Additionally, we are affiliated with leading schools of public health, science and medicine--a perpetual resource for ScienceDocs and our clients. This has made ScienceDocs a popular collaborating institution for researchers around the world. If you are looking for a collaborative relationship with us, please know that we are not only a minority female-owned company, we also have successfully secured many NIH grants and we are a vender of several universities.


ScienceDocs can work with virtually any type of dataset or programming language. Unless the client requires that a particular program be used, our work is generally done with SAS® statistical software. Once your dataset has been processed per your specifications, the completed data set and all of the output becomes your property. If you have any questions as to the appropriate tests that should be run depending on your particular research or hypotheses, our Consulting arm of experienced epidemiologists and study design experts are available to answer these questions and make suggestions, such as determining and categorizing appropriate variables to identifying the existence of possible confounders and effect modifiers. We can also assist you in properly interpreting and communicating the output we generate for you.

If you have a pre-existing SAS®, SPSS®, Stata®, R/S+ or other dataset, we can work with these. If on the other hand you have simple raw data that needs cleaning and processing, you are free to begin our services at that time. In other words, our services are malleable to your needs, whatever those might be.


One of the key features about our programming services is that if your data needs cleaned before higher programming should be done, you do not pay a single flat rate. The rate of data cleaning is lower than that of higher programming, and is itemized separately. This not only saves you money, but gives you more information about how your project is handled.



The major difference you should see right away between us and our competition is that when you contract us to perform programming (or any other service) for you, the work is carried out not only by talented individuals, but also individuals who have specific expertise in the service your research needs. These individuals can either be handpicked by you or will be chosen for you.





  1. Please fill out our programming quote sheet, attach any other materials including your dataset and email this to us for a quote. For larger files, we recommend using Winzip® to compress them before emailing. You may otherwise mail your data to our secure P.O. Box.
  2. Your specialist will review your material, follow-up with any questions if necessary, then return a work order to you outlining the services you have ordered and a rough estimate of the cost of the project, which will accompany an estimate of time for completion.
  3. We will invoice you and you will be able to pay by credit card or bank transfer. Once the invoice is paid or otherwise accepted, we will begin our work.


While the typical in-house biostatistician who is part of a research team may take 5-10% or more of the available grant money to pay for, outsourcing as needed can save a budget, if not the research-funding source itself. In fact, outsourcing through certain consulting groups can utilize the specific talent that is most valuable to your project and only at the time it is needed.



But why ScienceDocs?



  • We have a powerhouse team of biostatisticians and epidemiologists, leaders in the fields of study design and statistical modeling used in scientific and medical research.
  • We have cumulative expertise in musculoskeletal injury, environmental exposure, cancer, biomarkers, genetics, infectious disease, cardiology, neurological disease, nutrition and many other disciplines.
  • Many of our group are capable of complex Bayesian statistics, sophisticated regression techniques, cost-benefit analyses, dynamic mathematical modeling, nonparametric methodology and statistical genetics just to name a few. We also can design sophisticated macros to more easily generate repetitive/conditional procedures.
  • We have a vast amount of experience working with the NIH, NCI, CDC and other funding institutions, and as a group, we are extremely well published.
  • We have more talent, more experience and more flexibility at lower rates than any other consulting group you will ever come across.



We highly recommend you fill out our programming quote sheet, have a look at our estimate, and then have a look at our competition. We are confidant enough that the comparison will serve us that we have allowed our competition to advertise on our own website. You will find that our rates are far better and our service is far superior to other statistical consulting groups. To get an idea of what is commonly charged and what you get for it, have a look at the School of Public Health at Boston University, for example, which only has a limited resource of three consultants at $150/hr. The Medical College of Georgia in contrast has a more substantial group, yet charges a whopping $180/hr to their external clients, making outsourcing less of a financial advantage. As to private statistical consulting groups, we recommend an internet search. What you should find is merely a handful of limited general services, not the extensive, specialized service that ScienceDocs offers. Your research deserves the best the industry has to offer. We believe you will find that ScienceDocs is just that.


We sincerely appreciate your visit here, and hope to form a lasting relationship with you. Please check out our other services, email us with any questions you may have, and fill out a quote sheet anytime -- with no commitment on your part and a complimentary service from all of us here at ScienceDocs.