Biostatistics and Study Design Consulting


Let us at ScienceDocs save your time and money by efficiently assisting you with biostatistical and study design issues as you have them. We offer lower rates and more experienced consultants than our competition, including both private and university-based consultant groups. ScienceDocs, Inc. is a minority female-owned company and we also often work in a collaborative capacity in academic and SBIR/STTR grant-funded projects. If you are interested in this and you are a university researcher, please inquire with us if we are a vender of your university.


The core of the ScienceDocs team consists of seasoned PhD-level epidemiologists and biostatisticians, arguably some of the most adept study design experts in the field. Our consultants are networked, university-affiliated and experienced researchers who are here to help you meet the needs of your own research. We work with all types of clients, including students, private research institutions, clinicians and government agencies. Due to the breadth of our network, and the wealth of specialties of those within it, we are capable of handling all sizes of projects, from performing a handful of statistical tests for an academic research paper to massive multi-week long institutional projects that demand several different levels of work and project immersion. We have kept our rates affordable to offer an outsourcing alternative to inhouse statistical cores offered by universities that more often than not deliver only a limited scope and involvement to their researchers.


Our consulting service can work seamlessly with our programming service, or as a stand-alone service. The consulting can take place at any stage of the research, and can inherently take many forms, though our clients seem to have the greatest need for our consultations at the beginning stages of a study which tend to be centered on overall study design. Many important questions may be overlooked in the conception of a study, even by experienced researchers*. Some examples include:

  • How can I determine whether to control for a potential confounder in the study design or with statistical analyses?
  • How should I best sample my population? Randomly? Matching? Blocking? Self-Selection?
  • Should I stratify my population in the design or in the statistical analyses?
  • Is my sample size large enough to detect a clinically important finding?
  • Are my inclusion and exclusion criteria appropriate for sufficient generalizability?
  • How accurate are my data collection methods? What kind of masking is required?
  • What kind of follow-up period do I need, and how am I going to account for drop-outs and cross-overs?
  • Do I need to collect data from study participants who were not eligible or chose not to participate in the study?
  • What should I do with my missing data and outliers?
  • Is it important to note any interactive or synergistic effects? How I can I best determine this?



As a group, the ScienceDocs team has grown to encompass specialties in genetics, cancer, environmental exposures, physical injury, nutrition, neurological disorders, infectious disease, pharmaceuticals, and many other disciplines. Additionally, the strength of our consulting service goes well beyond basic study design or methodology reviews. Many of our group are capable of complex Bayesian statistics, sophisticated regression techniques, cost-benefit analyses, dynamic mathematical modeling, nonparametric methodology and statistical genetics just to name a few.





Our services are malleable to the needs of our clients. Consulting commonly is done over email and consists of document reviews for our clients. We also can arrange telephone appointments, whereby the client calls our toll free number and speaks with his or her specialist of choice at an hourly rate. We can offer study design and/or biostatistical consultations at any stage of research and for nearly any specific field, such as offering strategies to measure particulate exposure in a population to gene to gene interactions. We also offer GIS mapping and other specific epidemiologic services.





  1. Please fill out our consulting quote sheet, attach any other materials including your dataset if necessary and send this to us for a quote. For larger files, we recommend using Winzip® to compress them before attaching them to your email.
  2. Your specialist will review your material, follow-up with any questions if necessary, then return a work order to you outlining the services you have ordered and a rough estimate of the cost of the project, which will also accompany an estimate of time for completion.
  3. The work order should be signed and returned to indicate you would like us to commence the work for your project. Consultations over email require a 50% deposit, whereas phone consultations require full prepayment due to the nature of this service. This can be paid for with a major credit card.


While the typical in-house biostatistician who is part of a research team may take 5-10% or more of the available grant money to pay for, outsourcing as needed can save a budget, if not the research-funding source itself. In fact, outsourcing through certain consulting groups can utilize the specific talent that is most valuable to your project.


But why ScienceDocs?


  • We have a powerhouse team of biostatisticians and epidemiologists, leaders in the fields of study design and statistical modeling used in scientific and medical research.
  • We have cumulative expertise in musculoskeletal injury, environmental exposure, cancer, biomarkers, genetics, infectious disease, cardiology, neurological disease, nutrition and many other disciplines.
  • We have a vast amount of experience working with the NIH, NCI and other funding institutions, and as a group, we are extremely well published.
  • We have more talent, more experience and more flexibility at lower rates than any other consulting group we have ever come across.



We highly recommend you fill out our consulting quote sheet, have a look at our estimate, and then have a look at our competition. You will find that our rates are far better and our service is superior to other statistical consulting groups. To get an idea of what is commonly charged and what you get for it, have a look at the School of Public Health at Boston University, for example, which only has a limited resource of three consultants at $150/hr. The Medical College of Georgia in contrast has a more substantial group, yet charges a whopping $180/hr to their external clients, making outsourcing less of a financial advantage. More examples of overpriced and limited services abound. As to private statistical consulting groups, we recommend an internet search. What you should find is merely a handful of limited general services, not the extensive, specialized service that ScienceDocs offers. Your research deserves the best the industry has to offer. We believe you will find that ScienceDocs is just that.



We sincerely appreciate your visit here, and hope to form a lasting relationship with you. Please check out our other services, and fill out a consulting quote sheet anytime -- with no commitment on your part and a complimentary service from all of us here at ScienceDocs.


*Some amount of foresight is necessary while preparing NIH grant budgets, for example, due to some constraints in funding contracted work for earlier parts of a project.