Our customized editing service was built in-house to meet the ever-increasing needs of the diversified scientific community at large. Whether English is your second language or your English is impeccable, unclearly worded phrases, poor word choice, and faulty sentence structure may spell ruin for technical papers as found in academic, private, and government research.


scientific medical editing



As can be seen above in our simple standard editing example, you will be presented with a marked-up copy so that you may see exactly what was edited and review editorial comments along the way, which will appear in addition to the side marking comments. Editors will always alert you to any unclear passages that may require your attention. This is the case in all of our editing levels. We will never simply check for grammatical or punctuation errors and quickly return the documents back to you. Our edits are always involved -- just as we are involved in the success of your work.


Whether your piece calls for a standard, advanced, or substantive edit, you will always have the option of stipulating that a particular style guide be used (e.g., APA, MLA, AMA, CBE, etc.) Otherwise, the appropriate style guide will be delivered. (It is generally recommended to leave the style guide decision in the hands of the editor unless the author has something particular in mind for whatever reason). Please keep in mind that we always edit the reference section and everything else that is sent to us unless otherwise noted.


Our copyediting always includes our Journal Matching Service ™. This service ensures that every journal guideline -- from word count to reference style to overall format -- is perfectly followed. Coupled with submitting a paper that is a perfectly clean copy, proper adherence to journal guidelines clearly enhances the potential for publication. And from our experience, journal editors are always thankful to come across papers that exemplify clean grammar, sentence structure and adherance to their format guidelines.






To begin the process, we ask that you fill out our editing quote sheet. In addition to the quote sheet, supporting documents should be emailed as well and may be in the form of .DOC, .PDF, or .RTF formats, although .DOC is preferred. We recommend that you include any footnotes, references, graphs and tables with your text so that we may supply you with an accurate quote and ensure everything is properly edited and matched to your journal guidelines.


Upon receiving your file(s), we will supply you with the quote, and your editing will be carried out upon your acceptance of this quote. The majority of orders take 7-10 business days for completion, whereas involved, difficult or lengthy documents may take longer. Rush orders that must be returned in under one business week are subject to a 20% surcharge if we can accommodate them at the time.





Due to the wide variability we see not only in the technicality of documents, but also the level of English, we must first examine your documents in entirety or at least must see a large portion of a document along with a word count in order to provide you with a rough quote for the editing.


All editing projects we take on require a 50% deposit. An invoice is sent for the remainder at the completion of the project, and is required within 30 days. We accept all major credit cards and bank transfers. Please take a moment and fill out our editing quote sheet and we will promptly send you a quote for the project.