All quotes may be initiated with the appropriate quote sheet listed below. If you are interested in multiple services, additional quote sheets should to be filled. There is an email link on each quote sheet for any files you would like to send us. Please note that we will be unable to give an accurate quote without any supporting files, but for rough quotes you may simply email us and explain your needs. If you represent a private firm or government entity, please either email us directly or otherwise disregard the academic-related questions on the quote sheets below:





Most quotes will be available within 24 hours if we have supporting files. We will respond to your quote requests with:


  1. Follow-up questions if we have any to better understand your needs.
  2. Our quote for your project.  If you have an editing or translation project, our quote will be per word, and any other service will be per hour.
  3. After we hear back from you, we will send you an invoice over email which may be paid for by any number of methods.  Once cleared, your specialist will contact you and begin the work.


All files we receive from you will be treated with the utmost privacy and security, and we want you to feel absolutely comfortable that we take this quite seriously. Don't hesitate to ask us any general questions at query{--at--}sciencedocs.com, otherwise we will respond to you soon after we receive your quote request. Thank you from all of us at ScienceDocs. We appreciate your business and will always be here for you and your research.