Your Securityand Privacy

We have taken all possible actions to ensure the utmost security and privacy of every file we receive from you, whether or not we eventually work on your project:


  • Files are kept in a secure ScienceDocs computer until the work transactions are completed. Documents are retained in our clients' own encrypted folders for future reference with our clients, or are otherwise deleted (shredded) from our system upon client request or outdated accounts.
  • The ScienceDocs computers are firewalled and have updated virus security through McAfee SecurityCenter®.
  • We have taken the extra step of operating only on a secured website with SSL technology (see Starfield icons), thereby creating a hacker-free environment and more peace of mind for our clients. (Note: Due to our external links found in the Library page, you will not see the familiar small lock icon on the browser bar).
  • ScienceDocs utilizes Intuit® with SSL protection for credit card transactions. It is both the most secure and also the most convenient billing system available for our clients.
  • All employees and contractors of ScienceDocs are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement, whereby they will be held legally responsible for the security and privacy of your documents.


As we at ScienceDocs are in the business of highly sensitive documents, we can accommodate any additional security you would like to take, including only doing business through certified U.S. mail, or email encryption/digital signatures. We want you to know that we will never share nor discuss any of your material to parties outside of ScienceDocs for any reason.



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