We feel we have unique services, and the 5000 journals and 5 publishers who recommend us seem to agree.  We have built our reputation as a comprehensive research support company from our strong Editing and Writing Division.  We are known for having a great depth and breadth of specializations, an expert, well-published staff and active editor/writer - author communication.


Whether English is not your native language or your English is near-perfect, unclearly worded phrases, poor word choice, and faulty sentence structure may spell ruin for technical papers as found in academic, private, and government research. You simply cannot afford to be misunderstood, and we are here to help:



scientific medical editing




As can be seen above in our simple copyediting excerpt, you will be presented with a marked-up copy so that you may see exactly what was edited/written and review editorial comments along the way, which will appear in addition to the side marking comments. Your specialist will always alert you to any unclear passages that may require your attention.


Our editing and writing always adheres to appropriate journal or book guidelines.  From word count to reference style to overall format -- we will ensure that it is all perfectly followed. Coupled with submitting a paper that is a grammatically clean copy, proper adherence to journal guidelines clearly improves the potential for publication. And from our experience, journal editors are always pleased to come across papers that have clean grammar, appropriate sentence structure and guideline adherence.






First we ask that you fill out our quote sheet. In addition to the quote sheet, supporting files should be emailed as well. We recommend that you include any references, graphs and tables with your text so that we may supply you with an accurate quote.


Upon receiving your file(s), a Project Manager will supply you with the quote and then invoice for the work. A secure link will be given to you for credit card payment or instructions for any number of other payment types of your choosing.  Soon thereafter your specialist will contact you and begin the work.