Welcome to ScienceDocs!  We are an integrated network of scientists and professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality research support services in the world.  When the internet is besieged with low cost, low quality editing, translation and statistical services using unknown individuals from unknown locations, we are known for dependable, consistent work, our deep specialization and our absolute dedication to our clients.  As a company we work daily with the NIH, we are a trusted partner of several publishers, and we are a research collaborating institution.  Whether you require our services to assist you in your publication efforts, communication or are looking to us as your partner, you have my promise that at the core of ScienceDocs is unparalleled talent and that you can trust us to provide you with unparalleled service.


---Maritza Rivas, CEO


We are more than a sum of our parts.






ScienceDocs is a network of over 500 professionals hailing from more than 50 universities and 30 countries.  Below is a list of experts in each division. Once we receive a quote request from you, your assigned project manager will choose the most qualified available specialists to work with you and will provide you with links to the bios of these specialists. This list remains uncategorized due not only to the large breadth of specialties here, but also due to the overlapping specialties. Ultimately, no matter what your specialty, there is an expert here for you.


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Cooper, T., PhD

Chemistry, Materials Science, Mathematics, Cheminformatics, Pharmaceutical science


Dr. Cooper has a PhD in computational chemistry. He has worked as a research scientist in computational materials science, solid-state organic chemistry and pharmaceutical science, and has published scientific articles in a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific journals. Dr. Cooper has edited more than 200 scientific articles written by non-native English speakers.


M. Lutze, PhD

Medical, Biology,

Genetics, Neuroscience, Gastroenterology


Dr. Lutze is an experienced science editor and is especially interested in working with authors who are not native speakers of English.  She received her doctoral degree from the University of Chicago and has research experience in genetics, neuroscience, and vision science.   She has extensive editing experience working with scientists from around the world for a journal based in Beijing dealing with various topics in gastroenterology.  Dr. Lutze is interested in assisting authors with writing and rewriting manuscripts, grant writing and copyediting. 





D. Mellerick, PhD

Microbio, Cell Bio, INF


Dr. Mellerick is a skilled cell and molecular biologist and a knowledgeable neuroscientist, although her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania is in Microbiology. She also trained at NIH under the direction of the Nobel Laureate, Marshall Nirenberg. Dr. Mellerick published in high impact journals including Oncogene, Neuron, and Genes and Development. As an independent scientific writer and editor for the last 7 years, Dr. Mellerick prides herself in consistent high quality work and satisfied clients. Dr. Mellerick’s areas of expertise include microbiology, infectious disease, inflammatory conditions, cell and molecular biology, stem cells, CNS development and disease, and clinical trials. 




A. Makhdum, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology

Allergic Disease


Dr. Makhdum studied for his doctorate in clinical pharmacology at University College London. His post-doctoral work focused on the inflammatory mediators of allergic disease. He has ten years’ experience of medical editing and writing. His specialties are allergic disease, internal medicine and surgery.





Dr. Banerjee, Ph.D.



Dr. Banerjee is an organic chemist with areas of expertise ranging as diverse as organometallic chemistry, organic material science, supramolecular chemistry and medicinal chemistry. He has about nine years of research experience in these fields from his doctoral and postdoctoral studies. He is the co-author of several papers in very high impact factor journals and is experienced in writing and editing manuscripts.







Dr. Morgan

Genetics, Molecular Bio

SBIR/STTR grant writing


Dr. Morgan has over five years of scientific writing and editing experience, including SBIR/STTR and academic grant proposals. Her Ph.D. was in genetics and molecular biology, with an emphasis on neurogenetics, and her postdoctoral and industry experience includes cell biology, immunology, cell signaling, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, molecular diagnostics, infectious disease, pathogen detection, SNP detection, sample prep, DNA amplification/detection and biotechnology. Dr. Morgan’s strong experimental experience and broad scientific background are invaluable assets she uses to edit manuscripts and grant proposals with great care and attention to detail.




Dr. Wild, PhD

Cell Biology



Dr. Wild’s editing specialties are in the fields of cell biology and oncology. Her past laboratory experiences involved transcriptional gene regulation, tumor cell drug resistance, free radical biology, yeast biology, actin dynamics, and cell polarity. She has published in several peer-reviewed journals and, more recently, has edited manuscripts in a broad range of biomedical topics, primarily from non-native English speakers.





Dr. Fogg, PhD

Cell Biology, Oncology


Dr. Fogg holds a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Washington University in St. Louis and has done postdoctoral research in cell and cancer biology at the University of Michigan Medical School/Howard Hughes Medical Institute and at the Van Andel Research Institute. She has worked as a freelance science writer/editor for both academic and industry clients, and has extensive experience working with authors who are non-native English speakers.


Dr. Bender, MS, PhD
Plant Pathology
Molecular Biology

Health and Wellness


Dr. Bender has been writing and editing scientific literature for 30 years.  Her expertise includes microbiology, genetics, genomics, biotechnology, plant physiology and health and wellness.  She edits grants, journal articles, cover letters, books, slide and poster presentations, and dissertations. She has extensive experience in helping individuals that have difficulty writing, and her specialty is to write clear, logical statements with maximum impact.  She is accustomed to working under tight deadlines and can help clients develop timetables for large writing projects. 






Dr. Zierler, PhD

Biology, Proteomics


Dr. Zierler is a developmental and managing editor with over 10 years of experience working on scientific articles, media, and professional-level books, textbooks, and general interest books in biology. He specializes in proteomics, molecular biology, imaging, and microbial pathogenesis. His ability to communicate science in clear and exciting ways developed during his years doing basic research and teaching science to undergraduates.


Dr. Kane, D.O.

Pharma, Oncology,



Dr Kane has worked as a full-time writer and editor in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 14 years.  She is familiar with all aspects of manuscript development and has authored numerous articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Although she has written in many therapeutic categories, oncology, immunology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases are her strong areas.





Dr. Meador, PhD



Marine Sciences


Dr. Meador’s research interests include organic biogeochemistry, analytical environmental chemistry, marine molecular microbiology, and marine nutrient cycles.  He received a Ph. D. in Oceanography from the University of California San Diego and has over a decade of experience in oceanographic research, writing, and publication.  The unique, interdisciplinary, and necessarily international field of oceanography has afforded many collaborative relationships in the pursuit of pioneering and communicating science.







J. Lavine, PhD

epidemiology, vaccinology, immunology, theoretical ecology and applied mathematics


Dr. Lavine has a PhD in biology with a specialty in epidemiology and modeling.  She has worked with national and state-level public health agencies, and published in peer-reviewed high profile general science journals, such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and trade journals such as Vaccine.  She is proficient in Spanish and enjoys helping scientists communicate their research with an international community.


Mr. Miller, MS



Mr. Miller has edited several thousand engineering journal articles.  He also has extensive experience in developing, authoring, and editing engineering books and software documentation.  He has over 15 years of engineering experience, primarily involving complex multidisciplinary analysis.  He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and an M.S. in engineering mechanics from the University of Wisconsin.





Dr. Brooks, MD, MBA

Opthalmology, Clinical, Business


Dr. Brooks is an ophthalmologist who has over 10 years of medical editing and writing experience. Dr. Brooks has had served as both a professional or freelance writer and editor and has covered a variety of scientific, medical and health care business topics including cultural competence and health care diversity. Dr. Brooks obtained a B.S. in Chemistry from Birmingham-Southern College, an M.D. from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and an MBA from the University of Alabama.







Dr. Minor, Ph.D.




Dr. Minor holds a PhD in human nutrition and conducts research at the National Institute on Aging on the impact of the diet on lifespan. She has extensive experience both writing and editing scientific research manuscripts, literature reviews and general science-related documents. Dr. Minor provides timely editing and writing services and enjoys working with clients to ensure their documents reach their full potential.






Ms. Halpern, MS, RN, FNP



Ms. Halpern has a Master of Science in nursing from Rush University in Chicago and certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She has practiced in a variety of urban and rural settings, ranging from Clinical Nurse Specialist for Trauma to academic, community and industrial health. In addition, she has over 20 years of experience in publishing, serving as editor-in-chief, editorial board member, peer reviewer, and author for journals and book chapters in works by major publishers (e.g., John Wiley and Sons, CV Mosby, WB Saunders, Elsevier, and Lippincott Williams & Wilkins). As an educator, she guides both English and non-native English speaking authors to develop papers.055 insuring clarity and compliance with style formats. Her health care background is especially helpful for clinicians wishing to publish manuscripts ranging from case studies to research reports.



H. Montgomery, PhD

Developmental Psychobiology, Postpartum Sleep, Pediatric Sleep Medicine, Behavioral Neuroscience


Dr. Montgomery earned her PhD in Biobehavioral Sciences. She has conducted NIH-funded research in the area of pediatric and postpartum sleep, the results of which have been published extensively in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. She has served as an ad hoc reviewer, editorial board member, associate editor, and special issue editor for important journals in her field of expertise. She peer reviews, on average, 50 journal submissions each year. She has extensive experience training and editing the written projects of doctoral students who have gone on to splendid careers.



Dr. Molnar, Ph.D.



Successful teacher and researcher of basic science, translational and medical research (20+ yrs in University and Pharmaceutical Industry), reviewer, author, and consultant.  She edits, substantively edits and writes science, medical and veterinary research as well as consulting.  She specializes in the fields of immunology, microbiology, oncology, molecular biology, genetics, pharmacology, complementary and alternative medicine, biotechnology, and veterinary science.  





Dr. Kraabel, PhD, MBA

Physics, Materials Science



Dr. Kraabel holds a PhD in physics and an MBA with a specialization in Technology Management.  Since 1995 he has worked in research and development in both academia and industry.  His specialties are condensed matter physics, optics (linear and nonlinear), and materials science.  He has authored and edited numerous articles for English language peer reviewed scientific journals, grant applications, patent applications, white papers, annual reports, and technology newsletters, and has extensive experience working with non-English speaking authors.




M. Clarke, MA, MSc

Physical Sciences
Biomedical Sciences




M. Clarke has an MA in mathematics from Cambridge University and an MSc in astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London, and has been editing and proofreading in the mathematical and physical sciences and engineering for over 30 years and in the biological sciences and clinical medicine for over 20. He is experienced in editing texts containing highly complex mathematics and has a wide knowledge of chemical and biomedical style and notation. He also has extensive experience dealing with manuscripts in which the language requires considerable attention and in which substantial rewriting is necessary.






Dr. Holler, Ph.D.

Chemistry, Biochemistry/Biophysics, Pharmacology


Dr. Holler holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Washington), studied Enzymology as a postdoc (MIT), and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 19 years. He then became a scientific/medical writer while affiliated with the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy.  He has lived in England and Germany, and worked with scientists from many cultures.  He currently enjoys writing manuscripts and grant applications, and edits documents for non-native English speakers.


Dr. Chapman, PhD

Marine Science


Dr. Chapman is a former professor of Marine Biology and now working full time as an editor. He specializes in manuscripts in the following fields: marine biology, marine ecology, environmental studies, general ecology, conservation biology, forest ecology, weed science, crop science, biological oceanography, aquaculture. Dr. has worked as a part-time journal editor since 1975 and as a full time professional editor since 2002.





Dr. Spangler, Ph.D.
Neuroscience, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry


Dr. Spangler has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Erasmus University in the Netherlands and has well-rounded biology research training from the University of North Carolina, University of California, and MIT. She has extensive experience in interdisciplinary research on neurological disorders, with a specific emphasis on the molecular and cell biology of neurons. Dr. Spangler lived abroad for years while completing her Ph.D., and she particularly enjoys working with non-native English speakers to write and edit their papers and grants to effectively communicate their scientific ideas and findings.







Dr. Rohrschneider, PhD

Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics


Dr. Rohrschneider holds a PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Chicago and conducted postdoctoral research in developmental genetics at the New York University School of Medicine. She has over 10 years of experience writing and editing research manuscripts, abstracts, and grants. She also has experience editing manuscripts for non-native English speakers. Her areas of expertise include developmental biology, genetics, and cell biology.


Ms. Palmer, MS

Cell Biology




Ms. Palmer has 15 years of experience as a bench scientist during which her work focused on basic research on the inflammatory process and drug discovery and development of novel targeted therapies for cancer. She has authored and edited manuscripts and grants in these fields. As a medical writer and editor for the past 8 years, Ms. Palmer has written, edited, and reviewed clinical documents for regulatory submission, abstracts and manuscripts for peer reviewed publications, posters, and grants. She has proven expertise in editing abstracts and manuscripts for authors whose first language is not English.






Dr A.C. White, PhD

Environmental Science
Biological Science
Soil and plant chemistry
Plant biochemistry

Environmental microbiology


Dr White has over 12 years of experience in soil science, biogeochemistry, ecology, and plant ecophysiology in environments that are pristine or polluted. She has a B. Env. Sci (Hons), a B. Biol. Sci, a PhD (Agriculture, Phytoremediation), a Postdoc in Alpine Ecology, and an International Postdoc in Rhizosphere Chemistry and Microbial Soil Ecology. She is dedicated to writing, publishing and communicating clearly and effectively. Alison has extensive experience with publishing in international journals, reviewing manuscripts, and editing scientific manuscripts for non-native English writers.




Dr. Harper, PhD

Ecology, Environmental Science


Dr. Harper has more than 15 years experience writing papers and conducting research in ecology and is an editor of an international journal. Although her research specialty is plant ecology, she has teaching experience in all fields of ecology and environmental science. Since she is also a consultant for ecological sampling design and data analysis, she can work with you for all your research needs on your project.



Dr. Daher, PhD

Molecular Biology/Physiology


Dr. Daher holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Physiology from the University of Toronto.  She has worked as a bench scientist in Canada and the UK, and now lives in the US, where she reviews and critiques manuscripts for a major peer reviewed journal, writes editorial material, and develops web content.   She taught Scientific Communications at the University level for 4 years and has extensive experience working with writers who have English as Second Language.  In addition to peer reviewed papers, she has substantial experience writing research grants, theses, abstracts, posters, PowerPoint presentations, editorials,  and course content. Her specialties include molecular biology, stem cells, cancer, hematology, diabetes, bioinformatics, and ancient DNA. 





Ms. Bouchard

Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Earth Sciences



D. Bouchard has 30 years of experience writing, editing, and translating scientific and technical material. She holds M.A. (geography) and M.Sc. (computer science) degrees from McGill University in Montreal and worked for many years at the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada in their Process Control Group. Her areas of expertise include mathematics and statistics, computer science, pulp and paper science, physical sciences and engineering, and earth sciences.










Dr. Davies, PhD

Cell/Developmental Bio.

Stem Cell Biology

Cancer Biology

Intestinal Biology




Dr. Davies has a Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology and post-doctoral experience in cancer biology. Her specialties include epithelial cancers, metal metabolism, cellular trafficking, intestinal biology, adult stem cells, signal transduction, and tissue regeneration and repair.  She enjoys helping a project come to fruition and working with other scientists to accomplish this goal. Dr. Davies has experience in editing and reviewing a wide variety of scientific literature and welcomes the opportunity to edit projects in the biomedical sciences, including cancer biology, stem cell biology, and cell and developmental biology.






Dr. Porterfield, MD






Dr. Porterfield is an MD pathologist who has worked in laboratories and the field of medicine for over 20 years, including serving as laboratory medical director in a community hospital, as well as basic research experience prior to her medical education. She is expressly trained in communicating complex medical/scientific information and offers a combination of analytical and conceptual skills. Special interests include breast pathology, hematology, and personalized medicine. Her writing expertise includes writing manuscripts and white papers, developing presentations, and substantive editing.





Ms. Karkhanis

Microbiology, Pharma

Oncology, Women's Health


P. Karkhanis has 10 years of experience in medical and promotional writing for print and interactive media. Her broad range of writing includes clinical trials, review articles and journal supplements, corporate brochures, sales aids and brochures, web sites, and slide kits.  Her areas of interest include writing for antimicrobial agents and respiratory therapies. However she has ample experience in Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Women’s Health, and Pain Management.






Dr. Powell, PhD

Entomology, Ecology, Chemical Ecology



Dr. Powell has a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has more than 15 years of experience in writing and editing scientific publications, technical reports, and grants.  Her doctoral and postdoctoral projects addressed questions in entomology, ecology, natural products chemistry, and chemical ecology.  She is currently a professor of biology and has over 10 years of teaching experience.  She has been a freelance editor of scientific journal articles since 2008.  The majority of the 500+ papers she has edited were written by scientists who do not speak English as their first language.








Ms. Elabd, MA

Medical Writing


Ms. Elabd has more than 10 years' experience editing medical and scientific journal articles. She specializes in the areas of public health, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and neonatology. She has worked extensively with authors whose native language is not English.





C. Wilson, M.S., MD*

chemistry, cardio, material science, nanotechnology


Mr. Wilson has worked in Silicon Valley as a chemist in successful biomedical device companies that focused on cardiovascular disease and novel methods of revascularization. He is a published author and patent holder.  Mr. Wilson is an experienced scientific editor in the fields of chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, coatings science, drug delivery, environmental science, and medicine.  He obtained his M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Science and B.S. in Biochemistry at Cal Poly, SLO.  He is currently pursuing his M.D. degree at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.




Dr. VanHook

Cell, Developmental, Molecular Biology and Genetics


Dr. VanHook has 15 years of laboratory experience in developmental and cell biology using both genetic and non-genetic model organisms with experience in a variety of microscopy, molecular biology, biochemistry, and field techniques.  In addition to writing and editing content for a scientific audience, she is also skilled at translating complex scientific information into a form that is accessible to a general audience and tailoring text to fit a specific target audience.




S. Joy, MD




Dr. Joy holds an MD, and has an undergraduate degree in Latin with knowledge of several languages.  She is currently teaching anatomy and physiology at the college level.  As an editor, Dr. Joy has enjoyed helping scientific writers achieve their goals of succinct and efficient writing that also fully expresses their intentions.







Dr. Fields,PhD




cardiology, oncology


Dr. Fields has >30 years of experience doing and publishing his own, funded, biomedical research and >20 years consulting with basic and clinical research scientists on the preparation and writing of their grants and manuscripts. He has done basic, translational and clinical studies. His areas of expertise include neuroscience (neurology, psychiatry, alcoholism), gastroenterology, oncology, complementary and alternative medicine, and, more generally, biological and chemical mechanisms of many human diseases and human aging.






Dr. Raemsch, PhD

skeletal biology, biological anthropology, history, pathophysiology, geology, psychology



Dr. Raemsch has 15 years of experience editing academic journal manuscripts, monographs, reports, and presentations. She has edited manuscripts in a wide variety of fields, including skeletal biology, biological anthropology, pathophysiology, archaeology, psychology, geology, history, and education.






Dr. Loeb, PhD

Biological Sciences


Dr. Loeb edits material in the biomedical and health sciences, earth sciences, evolutionary biology, ecology, and environmental studies. He is also comfortable editing data-heavy documents containing complex statistical analyses, and he has a firm grasp of molecular and population genetics. Dr. Loeb applies his 15 years of experience in research and publishing, along with his formal study of copy editing, to help the client produce the finest document possible.




Dr. Reece, PhD


Molecular Biology

Biochemistry, Cell Bio

Oncology, Proteomics


Dr. Reece holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Vanderbilt University, and is currently doing a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer research. She has extensive experience editing manuscripts for both native and non-native English speakers. Her areas of expertise include molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, cell biology, cancer research, and proteomics.








Dr. Fox, PhD


Molecular Biology


Dr. Fox holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of Oxford. She also has five years postdoctoral experience at the University of Queensland, Australia. Her areas of specialism are microbial pathogenesis, molecular biology, infectious diseases and gene regulation. She has many first author publications in high-ranking journals and can therefore offer extensive first-hand experience of dealing with journals and their specific requirements. She is now a full-time academic editor, reading and editing manuscripts on a daily basis. She strives to make each submission word perfect, giving you the best possible chance of successfully publishing your work.








Dr. Robinette, PhD

Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Robinette holds a doctorate in biomedical sciences.  He has over 18 years experience in scientific publishing, and has served as both a professional or freelance writer and editor since 2001.  His areas of expertise include biochemistry/molecular biology, immunology/microbiology, and proteomics.  Dr. Robinette has experience in writing and editing a variety of materials for both highly technical audiences as well as those with a limited scientific background.






Dr. Fredieu, PhD



J. Fredieu (Ph.D. in Genetics, 1990) has  been  active in basic science research and education for the past 25 years. His main interests are early events in embryogenesis, particularly inductive signaling and neural development. Dr. Fredieu has over 10 years experience editing manuscripts for publication that were written by authors whose native language is not English.








Dr. Landon, PhD

Molecular Pharmacology



Dr. Landon brings a unique combination of hands-on research, writing and publishing experience to writing and editing of scientific documents. Her doctorate is in molecular pharmacology. Her research experience ranges from cancer and exocrine gland biology to HIV and host-response immunology. Dr. Landon is a volunteer consultant for the Cancer Research Center, Columbia, MO. The Center has honored Dr. Landon with its “Excellence in Cancer Research” for her research and for the NIH grant proposals that she has written to support the Center’s research.





Dr. Gates, DHSc, MPH

Health Science


Dr. Gates has considerable experience writing clinical research manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and slide kits. He specializes in the areas of diabetes, pulmonary medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, medical devices, and nutrition. He is a member of the NY Academy of Sciences and the American Medical Writers Association.






Dr. Rayburn, PhD

Pharmacology, Toxicology


Dr. Rayburn obtained a B.S. in Biochemistry and a B.A. in Spanish from Kansas State University.  She has long been interested in various scientific fields, ranging from Biology to Paleontology, and chose to obtain her Ph.D. in Pharmacology/Toxicology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham because it provided opportunities to obtain a broad education in the biomedical sciences, as well as forays into chemistry, botany, microbiology, and zoology.  


Dr. Benyon, PhD


Molecular Biology

Animal Sciences


Dr. Benyon has a PhD in genetics and molecular biology and an MSc in animal sciences. Scientific areas of interest include plant pathology, agriculture, cisgenic and transgenic technologies, and molecular biology. Current research involves identifying genetic targets for combating Huanglongbing/Citrus greening in citrus, the bacterial pathogen, and the insect vectors. Dr. Benyon has worked with scientists from China and was a post-doctoral associate at Okayama University in Japan.


Dr. Schofield, PhD

Marine & Terrestrial Ecological Sciences



Dr. Schofield worked in environmental and wildlife research for 17 years, specializing in animal behavior and movement patterns with application to human impact, conservation management and climate change. She is a researcher at Swansea University, as well as an independent consultant contracted for wildlife and management studies in Greece , and guide book author. Dr. Schofield has experience creating high rating journals, in addition to writing, reviewing and editing a range of scientific literature and translating documents from Greek to English.







Dr. Gibson, Pharm.D.

Pharma, Enzymology, Genomics


Dr. Gibson holds a B.S. in Biochemistry and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has research experience in enzyme structure and function, as well as the field of genomics and DNA sequencing. Her clinical practice experience as a pharmacist involves all aspects of safe and effective drug use in all patient populations. As a freelance medical writer and editor, Dr. Gibson has experience in the research and preparation of manuscripts, creation of public relations material, development of continuing education programs, and editing of technical manuscripts for non-native English speaking authors. She has comprehensive experience in the scientific publication process.






Dr. Vaughan, PhD, PA-C



Editor with broad expertise in chemistry and medicine.  Holds Ph.D. in chemistry and practices as a physician assistant in hospital internal medicine.  True clinical perspective.




Dr. Goldstein, PhD



Dr Goldstein holds a PhD in neuroscience.  He has experience writing and editing papers destined for peer reviewed journals on topics such as neurology, cardiovascular medicine, immunology, hematopoiesis and adult stem cell research.





Dr. Reese


Cell Biology


Dr. Reese holds a B.S. in Biopsychology & Cognitive Science and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience & Cell Biology. She currently studies the molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration in the human brain. Her other areas of specialty include: biopsychology, cognitive science, neurology, pathology, pharmacology, and toxicology. Dr. Reese has nearly 10 years of basic research experience, has authored 8 peer-reviewed articles, and has edited over 150 scientific manuscripts written by non-Native English speakers.




Dr. Blust, PhD
Cellular & Molecular Biology
Cardiovascular Biology


Dr. Blust is a classically trained cell biologist who has authored multiple publications in the fields of oncology, metabolism and cardiovascular biology. Following her doctoral thesis at the University of Toledo, she completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the CardioVascular Institute at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Blust has published multiple articles and book chapters in leading journals in her field and has considerable experience working with English as Second Language (ESL) manuscripts. She is currently a senior scientific editor who is familiar with all stages of the publication process.




Ms. Klefstad


Ms. Klefstad holds a BS in biology with minors in chemistry and animal science. Balancing her lifelong interest in life, chemical, physical, and medical sciences with experience in computer technology and publishing, Sue writes indexes that successfully guide the reader while achieving optimal line count.




M. Toth, MS.
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences


M. Toth received her M.S. from Purdue University in Atmospheric Science and her B.S. from the University of Virginia in Environmental Science. Her graduate research focused on tornado dynamics and Doppler radar technology. For her M.S. thesis, she applied her work to natural hazards modeling and risk assessment to provide real-time estimates of tornado intensity based on modeling output and innovative new radar indicators. She participated in data collection and analysis from two field projects, has two first author publications, has presented at multiple national and international conferences, and has additional writing and editing experience through various media. Ms. Toth's career goal is to act as a bridge between science and the public through effective outreach and communication.




Dr. Steen, PhD



Dr. Steen believes that clear writing comes from clear thinking.  He has written 5 books and 70 articles in the refereed scientific literature under his own name, and he has helped countless other authors to publish scientific research.  In addition, he has written video scripts for continuing medical education (CME), backgrounders for new pharmaceuticals, and a great many slide sets.  Dr. Steen's goal is to write with absolute clarity, so your ideas, your products, and your data become more compelling.  He can help crystallize your thinking to maximize the power of your words.





J. Miller, PhD

Molecular/cellular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, palaeontology


Dr. Miller has extensive research experience in molecular biology, virology, microbiology, protein evolution, and biochemistry, and has taught at several Australian universities. She has worked as a scientific editor for several international editing companies since 1999, editing thousands of scientific papers, as well as grant applications, theses, and books, in all the biological sciences,medicine, health sciences, dentistry, and palaeontology.




Dr. Stewart, PhD


Molecular Biology



Dr Stewart holds a PhD in Yeast genetic engineering and has performed Post-Doctoral research in Yeast genetics and Bioinformatics. Dr Stewart also has experience of patent analysis in relation to protein and DNA sequences. Since 2008 Dr Stewart has worked as a fulltime freelance scientific editor in the fields of Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Plant genetics and Molecular biology.





Dr. Hamm, PhD

biogeochemistry, environmental chemistry


Dr. Hamm is an interdisciplinary scientist with a wide range of interests and a diverse scientific background. She completed a Ph.D. in biogeochemistry and a B.S. in environmental chemistry. She has worked as a researcher in chemistry, biology and earth science laboratories for over ten years. Dr. Hamm is a first and co-author on a number of scientific publications and book chapters in a variety of fields and is passionate helping other scientists effectively communicate their results to diverse audiences. She also enjoys helping professionals in academia and industry analyze and understand large data sets. 






D. Morcos, MA, ELS

Cardiology, Gynecology, Urology, Oncology, Surgery


Ms. Morcos’ goal is to help disseminate information to medical professionals and the public, which will help save lives and improve overall health and fitness worldwide. 

She specializes in working with non-native English speaking medical professionals but also works with native English speakers, and is board certified as an Editor in the Life Sciences.  She has written/edited manuscripts and books in cardiology, oncology, laparoendoscopic surgery, urology, pathology, geriatrics, exercise, fitness, nutrition, electrophysiology, gynecology, hematology, gastroenterology, and others.




Ms. Hemphill



L. Hemphill has nearly 32 years' experience editing dental literature, gained during her service as Director of Publications for the International and American Associations for Dental Research. She was the exclusive editor of all manuscripts accepted for the monthly flagship journal, the Journal of Dental Research, which continues to hold the highest Scientific Impact Factor of all dental journals publishing original research.






Dr. Kelchner, MS, MS

Marine Science, Earth Science


Ms. Kelchner is an experienced editor specializing in geoscience and environmental topics. She began her career in publishing at Encyclopaedia Britannica, where she was the Earth Science editor. As a freelancer, she primarily edits textbooks and journal articles. She holds Master’s degrees in Marine Science and in Earth Science.





Dr. Wernette, PhD, ELS



Dr. Wernette is a board-certified editor in the life sciences (ELS). She earned a PhD in Biochemistry from Michigan State University and completed a NRSA postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. She is experienced in editing biomedical and scientific theses and dissertations, and in writing and editing journal manuscripts and literature reviews, book chapters and books, poster and PowerPoint presentations, contract and grant proposals, and web site content. 






Dr. Thomas, PhD


Physical Therapy


Dr. Thomas holds degrees in both sports medicine and biomechanics.  He has several first author publications and also is currently a reviewer for several scientific journals.  This experience has allowed him to be a successful scientific editor for a wide range of medical and healthcare fields. 







Dr. Moore



Dr. Moore has 30+ years experience in geology.  He has worked as a mineral exploration geologist, as a consultant to major oil companies, and has directed a major university’s stable isotope laboratory.  He has a number of publications in high-impact geochemistry journals.  He is an active member of the International Association of GeoChemistry’s Working Group on Water-Rock Interaction (WRI).  His research includes non-equilibrium geochemistry, igneous petrology, heavy oil extraction via steam injection, exploration geochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry and the geochemical consequences of nuclear waste disposal.


Dr. Karns, PhD


Dr. Karns received a B.S. in psychology and a M.S. and Ph.D. in developmental psychology. She has expertise in development across the life span, cognitive decline, decision making, risk taking, impulsivity, substance use, measurement, research design, and social science statistics. In addition to her formal experience in editing grants, journal articles, and as an ad hoc reviewer, she has also had the pleasure of working with students on their research-based papers and with her English-as-a-second-language peers to aid in the development of their English writing skills. Dr. Karns takes a fine-tune approach to both her writing and editing. She thoroughly enjoys working with others to reach their full writing potential, which makes the experience that much more valuable to her.



Dr. Kessler, MD, PhD

Bioengineering, Orthopedic Surgery, Radiology


Dr. Kessler holds an MD/PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Her PhD thesis in Bioengineering involved the field of orthopedic surgery. She has over 23 years of clinical medical writing experience on a wide range of topics including surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, neurology, women’s health, diabetes and oncology. In addition, she has over 10 years experience as a board certified radiologist and  bioengineer with extensive writing experience in the areas of radiology, imaging techniques, and medical technology.





Dr. McKenna, PhD

Biochemistry, Cell Biology



Dr. McKenna’s 15 years of bench training includes biochemistry. cell biology and genetics with a specialty in the molecular endocrinology of nuclear receptors. He currently heads the bio-informatics team for a large NIH-sponsored research consortium. Three of his publications, two on which he was first author, have been cited more than 1000 times. In addition to his academic interests, he is editor of a MEDLINE-indexed journal and has extensive experience as a freelance editor and writer.






N. VanStone



Dr. VanStone completed her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Her expertise lies generally in environmental sciences, and particularly in isotopic applications such as isotope ratio mass spectrometry, including geological, chemical and ecological studies.  Dr. VanStone also has experience in method development for various analytical techniques and statistical analysis of large datasets.   Dr. VanStone has both written and edited research papers that have been successfully received by major international journals, both within her area of scientific proficiency and in the health sciences.




Dr. Tucker, PhD

Molecular/Cellular Biology


Dr. Tucker is an expert at revising, editing, and proofreading life science and medical documents for native and non-native English speakers. His specialties include cancer, genetics, and all aspects of molecular and cellular biology.






Dr. Jackola, PhD

Biophysical Sciences


Dr. Jackola holds a doctorate in Biophysical Sciences with 30+ years research and publication history in immunology, cell biology, biochemistry and mathematical modeling.






Ms. Turner, MS, ELS

Medical editing/writing


Ms. Turner has a Master's degree in biomedical writing and she is a certified Editor in the Life Sciences. Proficient in a wide range of print and online media, she has more than 16 years' experience editing and writing for a variety of therapeutic areas, including hematology/oncology, diabetes, women's health, allergic disease, infectious disease, and sleep medicine. Ms. Turner has extensive experience editing and styling medical manuscripts written by non-native English speakers, as well as writing needs assessments for continuing medical education.





Dr. Cameron, PhD

endocrinology, aquaculutre, toxicology, fish biology


Dr. Cameron has a PhD in Biology and an MSc in Biomedical Sciences. His areas of specialization include comparative physiology, endocrinology, reproductive biology, cell and molecular biology, toxicology, aquaculture, and fish biology.



Dr. Helzner

Epidemiology, neurology, emergency medicine, obesity, cardiology


Dr. Helzner is an epidemiologist, researcher, medical writer and professor with extensive experience in study design, analysis, manuscript preparation, and medical writing.  She holds a PhD in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh and did her postdoctoral work in neuroepidemiology at Columbia University.  She has many years of experience as an editor and peer-reviewer. Her areas of expertise include epidemiology, hearing loss, neurology, oncology, cardiovascular disease, obesity and emergency medicine.  She takes a kind and studied approach which ensures that the message of each manuscript is concise, clear, interesting and appealing to a wide scientific audience.   



L. Hammond MS

Medical, zoology, ecology


Ms. Hammond has received two MS degrees, one in Zoology and the other in Science Communication. She conducted basic laboratory research in pathology and physiology departments for 13 years and helped to write several articles pertaining to her research for peer-reviewed journals. She has 15 years of experience copyediting journals, mostly in the medical field. She has extensive experience editing articles written by authors whose native language is not English. Biology-related specialties include ecology and conservation; medically related specialties include orthopaedics and cancer research.




Dr. Barnes, PhD

immunology, genetics, parasitology


Dr. Barnes earned his doctorate in immunology and genetics from the University of Oxford in 2010. He currently works as a postdoctoral fellow in immunology. At the bench, he has worked on projects in immunology, genetics, parasitology, vector biology, cell biology, and gastroenterology. His publication record includes first-authored papers and reviews in high profile journals, including Science, Nature Immunology, Immunity, and PLoS Biology. He has extensive experience editing papers and proposals for ESL authors.


Dr. Nordstrom



Specialist in epidemiologic and clinical research on chronic disease and injury.  Trained in epidemiology (PhD) and public health (MPH).  Twenty years experience designing, conducting, and reporting research on risk and prognostic factors.   Five years as trainer of medical faculty, fellows, and graduate students on all aspects of study design, funding, and publication.   University instructor of epidemiology, public health, and health services research in US, Eastern Europe, and Southern Africa.   Author of 40+ health research papers in peer-reviewed journals.   Reviewer and editor of hundreds of journal papers, conference abstracts, posters, and presentations, and health grant applications.   Public health worker in local, state, national, and international agencies, including five years with United Nations, World Health Organization, and Fulbright Program. 




Dr. Michaelson, Ph.D.

Molecular and Cellular Biology, Oncology, Insulin, Immunology, Aging, Medicine, Reproductive Development, Gene Regulation


Dr. Michaelson received his PhD in Biological Chemistry from the UCLA School of Medicine. He has worked as a research scientist for more than 25 years in many biological and medical specialties, and has published and reviewed scientific articles in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals and has worked closely with non-native English speakers both in America and in Japan. Additionally, Dr. Michaelson has extensive and internationally recognized blogging experience.


Dr. Battaglia

exercise physiology, nutrition, biochemistry


Dr.  Battaglia has been writing and editing manuscripts, grant proposals, college-level educational material, press releases, online articles, and blog posts for over eight years, and oversaw the review process for a peer-reviewed journal for four years. Her diverse research expertise includes metabolic disorders, exercise physiology, nutrition, and biochemistry. She also has writing and editing experience in multiple other life science and medical topics including clinical research, oncology, pharmacology, and infectious disease. She holds a Ph.D from East Carolina University in the Department of Bioenergetics.



Dr. Weber

Mycology, Botany, Microbiology,Plant Pathology, Oncology


Dr. Weber is a mycologist and plant pathologist whose research focuses primarily on fungal and oomycete plant pathogens. Her diverse scientific background includes her doctoral studies in neuro-oncology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and experience studying wood decay fungi in addition to her plant pathology research. Dr. Weber has extensive experience as both a professional editor and freelance writer. She enjoys providing exceptional editing and writing services, and works diligently to assure that clients’ manuscripts reach their full potential. Her areas of expertise include oncology, botany, mycology, microbiology, and plant pathology.



Dr. Grinberg

Chemistry, Physics, Material Science


Dr. Grinberg has worked as a research scientist in  materials science, physics and physical chemistry  and has published articles in peer -reviewed, high-impact scientific journals.  He has developed an excellent understanding of the criteria for publication in high-profile journals and of the effective presentation of research results for the greatest likelihood of acceptance. He  is highly experienced in  editing manuscripts written by ESL authors and has also  written many successful academic grant proposals.




L. Yang, MSc

Drug-related clinical research


L. Yang worked for several years as a medical writer and assistant editor for a well-known publisher of medical journals, and is very familiar with all author-related aspects of the publication process. Her expertise is drug-related clinical research, across diverse disciplines such as oncology, psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology, inflammatory disorders, and analgesia. Her academic research background is in molecular medicine and immunology. She is experienced in a broad range of writing and editing projects.


Dr. Liu, MD
Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Liu has extensive medical writing and editing experience within the pharmaceutical and medical communications industries.  She has worked with a wide range of topics including hematology, cardiology, diabetes, infectious disease, and pulmonology.  Dr. Liu holds a BA in biology and an MD from Northwestern University.



Dr. Hayes, DVM, M.S.
Veterinary Medicine, Oncology, Pharmacology/Toxicology


Dr. Hayes is a veterinarian with a Master of Science in Pharmacology & Toxicology. She has been a medical and health writer for over four years. Currently, her interests are oncology and pharmacology, but she is knowledgeable in a wide range of topics in medicine and science. She enjoys helping non-native English speakers get their manuscripts ready for publication.



R. Chitale,




Infectious disease epidemiologist, specializing in study design, setup, logistics, analysis, interpretation, and writing. Experience with cross-sectional and longitudinal data analyses.


X. Lu,


Dr. Lu has a PhD in Horticulture and Biostatistics. He also specializes in surveillance data, health surveys and has an extensive programming background.




L. Crossan,



Physician and epidemiologist with extensive experience in clinical trial study design, data collection and data analysis. Areas of specialization include women’s health, STDs. HIV/AIDS, oncology and vaccines.




M. Massing,



Clinical and interventional epidemiologist with practical experience in medicine, public health, healthcare quality improvement, and health services research. Skilled in research at multiple levels including grant preparation, study design, data collection, analysis, statistical interpretation, manuscript preparation.  



J. Cullen,



Dr. Cullen is an epidemiologist / biostatistician with over 10 years of professional experience in advanced methodologic study design; a wide range of multivariate statistical techniques.



W. Robinson


As a biostatistician and social scientist, Dr. Robinson has extensive experience in manipulating and analyzing data from many public health and behavioral settings.  He is fluent in all major statistical, geographic and database software packages including SAS, LISREL and Arc/GIS.




C. Der-Martirosian,



Dr. Der-Martirosian has worked as a freelance statistician for 7 years. Her clients include: UCLA, UC Davis, and SCUHS. She has published extensively in peer-reviewed scholarly journals in oral health and dental research studies. She is highly proficient in SAS, Stata and SPSS statistical programming. 



D. Sarpong


Trained biostatistician with extensive experience in the application of statistical methods involving study design, quality assurance/control and data management of large studies/trials.  Areas of research applications: Cardiovascular Disease and Health Disparities Research; HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse Research; Toxicological and Environmental Justice; Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research; Statistical and Mathematical Modeling; and Health Informatics.




C. Furniss,



Dr. Furniss has a PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health from Harvard. She is an expert in cell biology, cancer biology and virology. Dr. Furniss has advanced SAS skills and experience in industry collaboration.




Biostatistician and Epidemiologist specializing in mental health research. International experience in cross-sectional and longitudinal data analyses, outcomes research and risk factor surveillance.




F. Ghouri,



Extensive SAS experience, epiinfo, and SPSS. Specializes in diabetes, heart disease and bioterrorism preparedness.


E. Taylor



She is an infectious disease epidemiologist and has conducted research on sexual behaviors and racial/ethnic disparities in the distribution of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Dr. Taylor has worked with HIV and TB related projects in South Africa and has also collaborated with researchers in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo on a study of HIV prevention among HIV-positive youth. Dr. Taylor received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health and is available for study design consulting, statistical programming, data analysis, and scientific writing and editing.   





D. Hickson,



Biostatistician with several years' experience in HIV/AIDS and cardiovascular disease (CVD) research. Highly skilled in a large number of statistical software packages and statistical methods.



R. Wang


Epidemiology, Statistics, Genetics

Epidemiologist and statistician with years of experience in health care research. Highly skilled in SAS programming and database management.





V. Jacob,




Dr. Jacob has a PhD in economics and has a decade of consulting experience with federal, state, and local government clients. Dr. Jacob's current research interest is in economics and culture as factors for disparate maternal and child health outcomes.



Q. Yi,

PhD, MSc


Dr. Yi has a PhD in Medical Statistics and a MSc in Biostatistics. A well-published researcher, Dr. Yi specializes in cancer and other chronic disease studies that require substantial inferential statistical methodology.




N. Hu,




Biostatistician and clinical Epidemiologist with extensive experience in cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's disease and Ophthalmology study, and medical survey analysis. His biostatistical expertise includes statistical method in medical diagnosis and prognosis, longitudinal analysis, survival analysis, clinical trial, observational study, design of experiments, meta data analysis and analysis of missing data.




Fei Yu,


A biostatistician with extensive experience in statistical consulting on study design, data management, data analysis, and interpretation of statistical results. Area of interest includes analysis of correlated data, hierarchical modeling, analysis of massive dataset, and statistical issues in epidemiology and ophthalmology.



C. Liu,






Epidemiologist specializing in longitudinal nutrition and physical activity studies, Dr. Liu has extensive experience in large-scale surveys and randomized controlled trials.


L. Zhang,


Dr. Zhang is Biostatistician with strong background in bioinformatics and pharmaceutical sciences. She has extensive experience on clinical trial design, data management, and data analysis. Dr. Zhang is a certified Advanced SAS programmer.




Dr. Harper,


Dr. Harper has more than 15 years experience conducting data analysis in ecology including teaching biostatistics and assisting many students in ecological sampling design and data analysis. As a field ecologist with expertise in data analysis, she is able to provide assistance with sampling design and analysis that takes into consideration the challenges of field work. Since she is also an editor, she can work with you for all your research needs on your project.



U. Chukwuma,





Infectious Disease epidemiologist who has experience in study designs, program evaluation, data analysis and results interpretation. Her research background is in antibiotics resistance organism, clinical epidemiology, injury epidemiology, perinatal birth outcome, sexually transmitted diseases, behavioral risk factor surveillance and childhood obesity. Her proficiency extends to SAS programming, EpiInfo and Excel.





Epidemiologist specializing in case-control and cross-sectional studies, and evaluation. Experience with SAS, SPSS, Access (database creation and management), and Excel.




D. Oliver,





Dr. Oliver is a Behavioral Scientist with a background in HIV/STDs, teen pregnancy, cultural competence, mental health and substance use. She is experienced in evaluation and survey development and skilled in SPSS, SAS, MS Access, MS Excel, and EpiInfo.




M. Ndiaye,





Epidemiologist experienced in tropical medicine and global health issues. Health data analysis using R, SPSS, SAS, and Epi-Info. Fluent in French.



L. Lind,





Epidemiologist experienced in clinical studies for a private company and infectious disease surveillance for state health department.  Extensive experience using SAS as well as other data analysis software.



R. Richard,





Mr. Richard holds a MPH in Epidemiology and is an experienced data manager and analyst. He has advanced skills in SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS, and Epi Info.




Epidemiologist who has worked with HIV/AIDS surveillance for the MA Dept. of Health and more recently is working for the Red Cross. Ms. Wallace has extensive software knowledge.


J. Alleman,

MA, MPhil



Finnish, Hungarian




A. Mouratidis,





Y. Amatagana




English to French

(West African dialect)




N. O'Hara, MS

Environmental Science


Arabic, Swedish



G. Ashby

Business, Legal




Spanish to English




T. Oyama, PhD





R. Baker, PhD*




Spanish to English




N. Paul, MS, MA, DVM*

Veterinary Medicine


German, Russian



B. Bereza, PhD

Biophysics, Biochemistry

Ecology, Genetics







K. Pearman**




A. Bianco, PhD

Molecular Biomedicine


English >Spanish, Italian




C. Peterson





S. Block,




Afrikaans, Dutch,





F. Piotrow

D. Phil




N. Caporale, PhD

Neuroscience, Physiology







Y. Peng, MD



N. Bogden, MA

Political Science



Russian to English




R. Rhamat, MBA, MS







A. Carroll







A. Ridanovich



Bosnian, Crotian, Serbian



K. Chang, PhD






M. Rivas






M. Christlieb

Senior Translator



J. Robalino, PhD

Molec./Cell Biology




J. Cunningham, PhD

Cell Biology

Environmental Biology

Entomology, Pharma

French to English


J. Rock, PhD**

Physical Oceanography


French, German, Italian,

Portuguese, Spanish



Turkish to English


E. Ruggiero,








E. Dobbs



M. Samaha, MS

Electrical Engineering







B. Haderlie, MS




German to English



P. Sadur, MA

Finance, Legal


Spanish to English




P. Haußecker, PhD

Pediatric Molecular Genetics



English<>Chinese, Malay



J. Sebastia, PhD




Italian to Spanish

English toSpanish




N. Favorov, MA




R. Seizinger**







Dr. Maldonado, MD

Ophthalmology, Surgery

English to Spanish  

M. Schlecht, PhD




German,French, Japanese and Spanish

into English




J. Halsey, MA *

Biology, Ecology

Portuguese to English



Shen, S. and Liang, L.,






C. Iscrulescu, PhD


Romanian, Swedish



B. Smith, MA




Spanish to English


J. Filc, PhD

Psych, Health Sci

English, French, Port into Spanish  

A. Sosnovsky, MD





A. Jung,



English to Korean



G. Stanton, PhD*

Russian Studies



Russian > English


M. Kalsnes


Norwegian, Danish



W. Stein, PhD




Russian > English


S. Kerttula,




English to Finnish



Z. Stryczek, PhD




Czech, Slovak <> English


V. Khazin, PhD**




Belarusan, Polish,

Russian, Ukranian



Y. Thomas, PhD




French, Italian to English


A. Kim, PhD









M. Tropin



Croatian, Italian, Serbian


G. Kiroplis, M.Sc.




French, Greek




E. Urdang, MD

Genetics, Neurology, Physiology



Russian to English


J. Klembrova



Slovak, Czech




N. Ushimaru, MS**






I. Kobayashi, MA

History, Political Science



English, Japanese to French





J. Walker**




Russian to English




L. Kosma,










J. Wang, MS

Control Engineering





A. Krappa, PhD

Molecular Biology








D. Wester, PhD



Russian to English



S. Lee

Biological Sciences








L. Wilczewski** MS

Natural Sciences





K. Litherland, PhD




Spanish to English




T. Wood, MA

Philosophy,Legal, Linguistics



French, German into English

A. Lopez, PhD




English to Spanish




D. Wu, MS

Electrical Engineering




I. Mikula, MA**








M. Yueh. PhD





M. Milani, PhD

Immunology, Oncology





A. Zheng,

DVM, Msc., PhD

Infectious Diesease




G. Mirtzanis, M.Sc.**

Agricultural/Veterinary Sci.




  M.A. Nfonka

English to French

(West African dialect)

V. Tegho


English to Arabic  

P. Morris, PhD

Engineering, Medical


Swedish, German to English

M. Bensenia, PhD

Agriculture, Economics

English and French to Arabic  

S. Jube, PhD

Molecular Biosciences



S. Birnstiel, MD

Clinical Medicine


German to English  

A. Hamann, MS

Pharma, Medical


C. Ditterich, PhD


German <> English  

R. Sinn, MA

Pharma, Medical

Spanish to English
The Executive Team



Maritza Rivas
















Ms. Rivas runs the Translation Divison of ScienceDocs. She is fluent in Spanish and has a background in emergency medicine. A native of El Salvador, Maritza has served as a public health interpretor and was instrumental in forming ScienceDocs. Maritza also brings a keen eye to complement our secondary editing of translated documents and assists in company administration.







Scott Bain


Projects Manager














Mr. Bain oversees all ScienceDocs projects as in both Director and Manager roles. He has a degree in Communications, and a background in emergency medicine and education.












Charles Replogle,




Projects Director








Former editor and epidemiologist, Mr. Replogle is chiefly involved in government contracts and strategic partnerships. He has geared ScienceDocs toward global collaborative research efforts unhindered by national boundaries.






Michael Avakian


Accounts Manager









Mr. Avakian manages online services, financial transactions and accounting services for the company. Michael is currently serving as Webmaster for all ScienceDocs websites.







Keith Skelton


Director of Business Development








Mr. Skelton is an expert in business communications, branding and private industry consulting. He has brought a keen eye to ScienceDocs in developing fertile collaborative relationships with academic, governmental and private institutions.






Yuko You,



Senior Consultant








Cancer, genetics, and molecular epidemiologist, Dr. You is an expert in study design involving identifying biomarkers.








Jason Wang,

MS, Ph.D.


Senior Consultant







Occupational and musculoskeletal injury epidemiologist, Dr. Wang assists in monitoring programming and consultation project progress.








Russ McGarry


Project Management








Russ is a media specialist and manages projects in all divisions of ScienceDocs.
















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